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Honeybee Hemp Honey

Honeybee Hemp Honey


Honeybee Hemp Honey is a premium product. Made with full spectrum hemp extract, which contains tons of beneficial components, including accessory cannabinoids, over seventeen different terpenes, and a range of bioflavonoids, and of course, CBD. 

We guarantee a minimum of 1000 mg hemp extract, containing at least 600 mg of pure CBD per jar. Our hemp extract has been thoroughly lab tested for content and safety. This product is not psychoactive. 

There are seventy-six teaspoons of CBD honey in each jar. Each teaspoon will contain 13.15 mg of hemp extract which is 7.8 mg of CBD.

Honeybee Hemp Honey is great for people who enjoy creamed or whipped honey. This whipped honey is smooth, spreadable, and possesses a texture that is not too thick. This honey will never change consistency as the natural crystallization process has already taken place. Of course, all beneficial enzymes, amino acids, and pollens found in honey are intact.

We make no claims about the effectiveness of hemp honey to help with pain, illness or other ailments. The best way to learn about the effectiveness of CBD is to read more on our customer's experience with our CBD products or to try it for yourself. Check out our customer testimonials here

Hemp Honey Ingredients: pure locally harvested honey with 1000 mg full spectrum hemp extract containing 600 mg CBD

Hemp Honey Suggested Use: Take 1/8 - 1/4 tsp. (1-2 droppers) 1-3 times per day or as directed by your health care provider. Hold under your tongue before swallowing for increased effectiveness.

All of the hemp we use is grown by one grower here on the front range of Colorado. He grows with pride and love in the USA. We never import "hemp paste," as many producers do, which can have questionable quality and efficacy. And none of our hemp is GMO. Our grower adheres to strict organic practices because they feel this is the right way to grow hemp. 

Try some Honeybee Hemp Honey today!  

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